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KEDKirchlicher Entwicklungsdienst (German: Churches' Development Service)
KEDKayne Anderson Energy
KEDKendrick Extrication Device
KEDKatholische Elternschaft Deutschlands (German)
KEDKnock 'em Dead
KEDKids Escaping Drugs
KEDHellenic Public Real Estate Corporation (Greek acronym)
KEDKorea Economic Daily (newspaper)
KEDKinetic Electronic Designs (Pinelands, South Africa)
KEDKindergarten Extended Day
KEDKinetic Energy Distribution
KEDK-Edge Densitometer
KEDKorea Enterprise Data Co., Ltd (Seoul, Korea)
KEDKill Enhancement Device
KEDKnife-Edge Diffraction (electromagnetic wave propagation)
KEDKeyless Entry Device
KEDKaedi, Mauritania Airport
KEDKel-Ex Development Ltd
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Jones Day and Latham & Watkins LLP acted as legal advisors to KED and BDT.
cervi should be limited by colder temperatures and shorter growth season that would most affect off-host life stages, because it is the pupae on the ground and recently emerged young winged adults, not adult keds on moose, that are exposed to changing and potentially adverse northern environmental conditions (Harkonen et al.
2009) and are considered the main host for deer keds (Kaitala et al.
Keds can be numerous on moose and they might be associated with mortality of moose.
Deer ked attacks are mainly annoying and an inconvenience in having to remove dozens of keds from hair and clothes.
In this paper we provide a brief overview of typical symptoms of dermatitis associated with deer ked bites, and evaluate the future potential of this condition relative to range expansion by deer keds and population densities of potential host species in Finland.
Patients with dermatitis caused by deer keds were diagnosed and studied at the dermatological out-patient clinics at Tampere and Helsinki University Hospitals.
Keds have reinforced bodies, which you can not easily crush,and by now the ked was back in my beard.
As I drove home,picking keds from places where no keds should be and flicking each one out of the car window onto the M6,I promised myself that one day I would shave off my beard and buy myself a ``Nice Balaclava''.
Sheep keds are wingless and live amongst the fleece; Keds carry a sophisticated heat-seeking device which enables the insect to lock-on to the body heat of a bird in just the same was as the Exocet, Sidewinder and Scud missiles; The ked made a bee line for my whiskered face