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KEDAKeweenaw Economic Development Alliance (Michigan)
KEDAKitsap Economic Development Alliance (Bremerton, WA)
KEDAKarachi Electronic Dealers Association (Karachi, Pakistan)
KEDAKoochiching Economic Development Authority (est. 2000; Minnesota)
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President KCCI Iftikhar Ahmed Vohra, Senior Vice President KCCI, Mohammad Ibrahim Kasumbi, Vice President KCCI, Agha Shahab Ahmed Khan, former vice president KCCI and President KEDA, Mohammad Idrees, Chairman Communication SubCommittee, Imran Aziz, KCCI Managing Committee members and KEDA representatives besides Assistant Director (Enforcement) PTA, Zeeshan Shafiq attended the meeting.
Tema jargi tuginevad rahvused labi aegade eksisteerinud etnilistele kogukondadele, keda uhendab arusaam uhisest paritolust.
Example words with medial short/single plosives are Estonian kade (Q1), keda (Q1), keeda (Q2), keeda (Q3) and Finnish katu (cVCV), kita (CVCV), kiito (CVVCV).
discovered Suzhou Keda and its subsidiaries employed the KODAK indicia
Porcellan also has machines from Cretaprint of Spain and Keda of China.
Hisando su hilchi di pia drechi e ta lanta su pia robes kompleto for di suela, pues e ta lanta henter su kurpa i keda na haltu riba su tenchi di pia drechi.
my word Reading specialist Keda Cowling (centre) at Lindley Junior School with (from left) Cath Finlay, a visiting retired teacher from the United States, son Kelsey Cowling and (back) special needs co-ordinator Ruth Shimell
Next up is red-head Keda Breeze who sends the crowds into apoplexy when she strips down to her iron pants and then attempts to hack them off with a chain-saw, causing fireworks to spray into the front row of gingham-covered tables.
Tsuda and Keda were closing a lid on the furnace when the blast occurred at 9:10 a.
l Toe by Toe books by Keda Cowling, a series of books written specifically with the needs and abilities of dyslexic children in mind.