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KEENKern Entrepreneurship Education Network (engineering student business education organization; various universities; Waukesha, WI; est. 2005)
KEENKittitas Environmental Education Network (Washington)
KEENKansas Exemplary Educators Network (education advocacy group)
KEENKentucky Engineering Exposure Network (Kentucky Transportation Cabinet)
KEENKansas Executive Express Network (Topeka, KS)
KEENKids Enjoy Exercise Now Foundation, Inc.
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His lips were thin and close shut, though they had a very pleasant smile; his eye was keen, and there was something in his jaw and the motion of his head that made one think he was very determined in anything he set about.
Marks had got from his pocket a greasy pocket-book, and taking a long paper from thence, he sat down, and fixing his keen black eyes on it, began mumbling over its contents: "Barnes--Shelby County--boy Jim, three hundred dollars for him, dead or alive.
The old man's keen eye had caught sight of Nicolete at the window also, and in another moment we were all three face to face.
Then his keen hunting-knife flew forth and in a trice, Stout Will, Lester, and merry John were free men and had sprung forward and seized the halberds from the nearest soldiers guarding the gallows.
His weak eyes roved hither and thither but it was his keen scent and acute hearing which first located the ape-man.
Cold and keen the north wind blows, Silent falls the shroud of snows.
A clever general, therefore, avoids an army when its spirit is keen, but attacks it when it is sluggish and inclined to return.
The plains were swept by keen and bitter blasts of wintry wind; the ground was generally covered with snow, game was scarce, so that hunger generally prevailed in the camp, while the want of pasturage soon began to manifest itself in the declining vigor of the horses.
He is the man who watches the growth of the cable - a sailor's phrase which has all the force, precision, and imagery of technical language that, created by simple men with keen eyes for the real aspect of the things they see in their trade, achieves the just expression seizing upon the essential, which is the ambition of the artist in words.
Poyser examining it with her keen eye and trying in vain to find out a deficiency; and, of course, close to Mrs.
It possessed a motley population, composed of the creole descendants of the original French colonists; the keen traders from the Atlantic States; the backwoodsmen of Kentucky and Tennessee; the Indians and half- breeds of the prairies; together with a singular aquatic race that had grown up from the navigation of the rivers - the "boatmen of the Mississippi;- who possessed habits, manners, and almost a language, peculiarly their own, and strongly technical.
On the earth mine eyes were cast; Swift and keen there came unto me Ritter memories of the past On me, like the rain in Autumn On the dead leaves, cold and fast.