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KEEPKidney Early Evaluation Program (National Kidney Foundation)
KEEPKentucky Equine Education Project (Lexington, KY)
KEEPK-12 Energy Education Program (Stevens Point, WI)
KEEPKathmandu Environmental Education Project
KEEPKiyosato Educational Experiment Project
KEEPKorea Exposure and Education Program
KEEPKern Environmental Education Program
KEEPKodály Educators of Eastern Pennsylvania
KEEPKeep Enlisted Experience Program (USAF)
KEEPKentucky Ecumenical Empowerment Project
KEEPKids Educational Empowerment Program (Madison Square Boys & Girls Club)
KEEPKern Environmental Education Foundation
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A poor, bare, miserable room it was, with broken windows, no fire, ragged bedclothes, a sick mother, wailing baby, and a group of pale, hungry children cuddled under one old quilt, trying to keep warm.
This could not go on; no horse could keep his footing under such circumstances; the pain was too great.
The greatest American hotels keep a number of clerks and a cashier, and pay them salaries which mount up to a considerable total in the course of a year.
Tom scored his accounts, and resolved to keep to the very letter of his reform, and never to put that will in jeopardy again.
Well, he couldn't love us enough for it or be grateful enough, poor cuss; it was all he could do to keep from hugging us.
Assuming that the admiral was likely to keep all his important documents within easy reach of his own hand, she might now feel certain that the Secret Trust was secured in one or other of the rooms in the north wing.
And remember," said the Doctor, "that if you do not keep your promise--if you start killing and stealing again, I shall hear of it, because the canaries will come and tell me.
The squire raised his gun, the rowing ceased, and we leaned over to the other side to keep the balance, and all was so nicely contrived that we did not ship a drop.
In this way you have enemies in all those whom you have injured in seizing that principality, and you are not able to keep those friends who put you there because of your not being able to satisfy them in the way they expected, and you cannot take strong measures against them, feeling bound to them.
Pass quickly over mountains, and keep in the neighborhood of valleys.
At length he requested permission of Captain Bonneville to keep out of the way of these people entirely.
At length they had arrived to where the mountains increased in height, and came closer to the river, with perpendicular precipices, which rendered it impossible to keep along the stream.