KEJKorea Esperanto-Junularo (Esperanto: Korea Esperanto Youth; South Korea)
KEJKemerovo, Russia - Kemerovo (Airport Code)
KEJKolding Egtved Jernbane (Danish railway)
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19) It would make perfectly sense if the final syllable * yae ~ ke was the same root as Samguk sagi's 'king' * kej.
I believe this is where companies like CarZ will add value", said Ricky Kej.
Some of them have prom- ised to quit smoking," Kej says.
MOT International Theatre Festival; Macedonia Open Theatre, Kej Dimitar Vlahov bb, Box 690, 91000 Skopje; (389) 91-11-46-41; www.
Rodolfo Pocop of the Coordinacion y Convergencia Nacional Maya, Guatemala's principal indigenous organization, responded, "On this historic day, guided by Ajaw Oxlayuj Q'anil, spirit of the seed, spirit of the morning star, spirit of Venus, the Coordinacion y Convergencia Nacional Maya Waqib Kej, which brings together a union of Maya organizations, expresses its profound gratification and joy for the visit of the president of Bolivia, companero Evo Morales Ayma.
HERNANDEZ ARANA, Xajila Francisco y Kej Francisco Diaz Gebuta, Memorial de Tecpan-Atitlan, traduccion y notas de Antonio Villacorta, Guatemala, Tipografia Nacional, 1934.
Moose petroglyphs have also been reported in Kej imkujik National Park, Nova Scotia, and in Sweden and Norway (Hallstrom 1960, Jansson et al.
0 8 Ajaw 13 Kej, es decir, 11 de diciembre del ano 435 d.
NONVIOLENCE AND world peace are themes gently blowing through Winds of Samsara, the beautiful new album from South African flute player Wouter Kellerman and Indian keyboardist/composer Ricky Kej.
The United Nations Interim Force for Abyei (UNISFA) has faced severe criticism from South Sudan since Ngok Dinka paramount chief Kuol Deng Kuol was killed by members of an armed Misseriya group while travelling under their protection in a convoy returning from Kej in the north of Abyei.
Beysens AJ, Beuman GH, van der Heijden JJ, Hoogtanders KEJ, Steijger OM, Lingeman H.
The delegation held talks in Abyei town from the 3-4 May, before travelling north to Kej for similar talks and to familiarise themselves with the activities of oil companies operating there.