KEJKorea Esperanto-Junularo (Esperanto: Korea Esperanto Youth; South Korea)
KEJKemerovo, Russia - Kemerovo (Airport Code)
KEJKolding Egtved Jernbane (Danish railway)
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The sweet songs and lush production are the result of the global interconnection of Kej and Kellerman, who collaborated on songs via Internet, trading digital files "from oceans apart.
19) It would make perfectly sense if the final syllable * yae ~ ke was the same root as Samguk sagi's 'king' * kej.
Some of them have prom- ised to quit smoking," Kej says.
Beysens AJ, Beuman GH, van der Heijden JJ, Hootgtanders KEJ, Steijger OM, Lingeman H.
He was part of my team which went to Abyei yesterday to hold a meeting with Sudanese delegation and after the meeting they visited Kej (Difra)" Lino told Sudan Tribune.
They have now moved their forces to Lenger, Kej and Todac", said Aguer, in a statement read on the state-owned SSTV.
Stein PD, Hunt JT, Floyd DM, Moreland S, Dickinson KEJ, Mitchell C, et al.
Local sources from Abyei claim that the Sudanese army is massing troops in Kej (Difra), Lenger, and Magenes, which are all areas inside territory of the Ngok Dinka as per the ruling of the permanent court of Arbitration.
He added that the Sudanese government has not until now been able to sign the Status of Force Agreement which is required to regularise operations of the UNISFA force and maintain forces in Kej (Diffra) and all areas.
The local leader said that SAF still have a presence in Noong, Kej (Diffra) and in other areas north of Abyei.
The Force commander of the United Nations Interim Force for Abyei has himself admitted and straightforwardly told African Union High Implementation Panel before our delegation in the talks in Addis Ababa, on Thursday 7, that 150 Sudanese armed forces are still in Abyei, as police force guarding oil field in Kej (Diffra), which is not agreed", said Akot.
One battalion of Police Reserves about 5 miles from Kej (Diffra)