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KEKKommission zur Ermittlung der Konzentration im Medienbereich
KEKKey Encryption Key
KEKKonferenz Europäischer Kirchen (German: Conference of European Churches, CEC)
KEKKorporata Energjetike e Kosoves (Power Corporation of Kosova)
KEKKoh Ene Ken (Japanese:National Laboratory for High-Energy Physics)
KEKKoo Energy Ken (Japan)
KEKKou Enerugii Butsurigaku Kenkyusho (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization; Tsukuba, Japan)
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Gunawan further said, the KEK tourism will be developed in 1,300 hectares which will be among others completed with a school of tourism.
Kek (pictured left with Capello) said: "It's indescribable.
Kek is full of respect for the USA side, and added: "America's quality is their collective approach and their physical and mental ability.
Kek is a veteran telecommunication and network security expert who has been approaching services providers and other entities to take advantage of the network.
KEK National Laboratory, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0801 Japan
When the KEK investigators stumbled upon the intriguing new particle, they were seeking a previously undiscovered but mundane quark-anti-quark duo--that remains unobserved.
of Bristol, PA offers an extensive range of KEK Cone Mills specifically designed for the granulation of pharmaceutical products.
When Horizon Biscuits needed a replacement for their KEK sugar grinding mill, they turned to Kemutec, the same group which had provided their original system.
KEK centrifugal sifters provide pull-through sieving for scalping oversize and extraneous materials, classifying and conditioning of bulk materials, controlled size reduction of friable materials, and even removal of liquids from slurries, pastes or solids in suspension.
Mobile-8's Fren Mobile Internet provides subscribers with fast data connection and wide coverage all over Java island, making it the widest fast connection hot spot area in Indonesia," stated Herman Then Kek Khian, head of Marketing, PT.
Stanic reckons Rijeka boss Matjaz Kek is the key for the Croats but he has had to deal with the loss of star man Andrej Kramaric, who joined Leicester City for PS9million last January.
The user community at these facilities is international: a strong contingent of Japanese researchers from KEK and universities work on the ATLAS experiment, highly qualified experts from KEK contribute to the LHC itself, some two thousand researchers worldwide have signed the ILC design report and several hundred physicists are actively engaged in accelerator studies, such as on ATF to explore concepts generally applicable to linear colliders.