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KELKelvin (temperatire scale)
KELKiel, Germany - Holtenau (Airport Code)
KELKelme - Costa Blanca (Tour De France cycling sponsor)
KELKanematsu Electronics Ltd.
KELKnowledge Engineering Laboratory
KELKell-Cellano (blood group system)
KELKitikmeot Explosives Ltd. (Canada)
KELKitnuna Expediting Limited (Canada)
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Every sport needs people like Kel and I am delighted that his outstanding contribution to Rugby League has been recognised with the British Empire Medal," said Barwick.
People were shocked to see them together but Kel just kept smiling'
The driver of a passenger bus could not control over it due to failure of brakes while traveling from union council Kel to Hamgar and the bus collided with a safety wall.
To assist Caden in his recovery, Morrison said the Rage and KEL held a Caden Epps Charity Fundraiser Game against the East Georgia Rebels of Newington, Georgia, in December, and the Rage plans to dedicate its 2011 season to Caden.
The school will be placing information regarding Kel inside each home.
Daughter of Irish guitar and fiddle duo Paul and Glen, Kel was introduced to the folk circuit from the age of five and has flourished as a musician with local line-ups Little Chuck Little and Molly Brown.
They showed a video of Wade and his family, and after it was over, Rita, Kel and Wade's brother, Terry, walked out,'' Jackie recalled.
This is a wonderful series, filled with action and adventure while tracking the growth of Kel as she struggles through her knighthood training.
KEL having paid-up capital of rupees 1,695 million is a joint venture between Saigols Group of Companies a well-known multi-industrial group of Pakistan and Tomen Corporation an eminent consortium of multi-industrial undertakings of Japan.
Kel Coslett, the St Helens football manager said: "Barry missed a number of matches through injury and suspension and we believe we have a strong case and hope common sense will prevail.
For demanding applications, glass shields of FEP[R], KEL F[R] or mica are available as an option.
Dad Kel and brother Rhett have the remaining share.