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KELAKansaneläkelaitos (Social Insurance Institution of Finland)
KELAKorea Environmental Labelling Association (environmental impact labeling; Seoul, South Korea)
KELAKinetic Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay
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KELA Company continued to supply the industry with LA/ products and then in the early 1990s moved in the direction of hot stamping.
The KELA Eco-Label helps manufacturers and retailers identify effective and environmentally preferred raw material from which to make and package their products.
In addition to KELA certification, NatureWorks PLA has been approved for food contact in Korea by the Korean Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) under the food addendum for PLA 1-40.
Our sincerest hope is that 10 years down the line, the figures will be forgotten, while the Kelas they got are remembered".
This is where we come in, the Golden Kelas, striving to celebrate the best of the worst, the finest of the crappiest, and the gooiest kelas in the whole filmy bunch
After their successful debut last year, the Kelas are back with a 'fruitful' year of bad films and bad performances to award prizes too.