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Kenics Thermogenizers can be supplied with electrical band heaters and thermocouple ports for wall temperature control.
Wood, "Quantification of Laminar Mixing in the Kenics Static Mixer: An Experimental Study," Can.
The Kenics brand heat exchanger from National Oilwell Varco (NOV) was recommended as a critical component in the process.
2004 "Dynamic flow in a Kenics Static mixer: An Assessment of various CFD Methods," AIChE Journal, 50, pp.
Kenics KMVX Heat Exchanger--In comparison with the empty tubes of conventional heat exchangers, those of the KMVX "incorporate Kenics static mixer technology for dramatically improved heat transfer coefficients," according to Chemineer.
Also featured at the booth were Kenics heat exchangers, which use static mixer elements in each heat exchanger tube, thus reducing film buildup on the inside walls.
According to Chemineer, the Kenics Thermogenizer delivers a homogenized melt stream to the processing die.
Chemineer/Kenics-Greerco featured models illustrating the working design of Kenics Heat Exchangers, Static Mixers, and Thermogenizers.
The Kenics Heat Exchanger employs static mixing technology for use on viscous polymer heating and cooling applications.
detailed its Kenics Thermogenizer, a post-extrusion mixing device designed to provide distributive mixing of additives in the melt stream and to eliminate radial temperature gradients.
Kenics Sanitary Static Mixers achieve continuous, in-line mixing with no moving parts, no maintenance, and no external power requirements.