KENOVAKentucky, Ohio, Virginia (town in West Virginia)
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We are thrilled to receive the honor," said James Naylor, president and CEO of KENOVA Technologies, about the Top Business pick by Idea Cafe.
Kenova, Vasya and Jonasson, Patrik, "Quality Online Banking Services", Unpublished master's thesis, Jonkoping University, Sweden, 2006.
We have 320 people working here right now in Kenova, and we expect that more than 450 contract workers will be employed during the course of construction," said Tim Aydt, Cardinal Products Pipeline project director.
The six plants, now collectively known as TPF Genco, are: * High Desert in Victorville, California - 830 MW * Rio Nogales in Seguin, Texas - 800 MW * Holland in Shelby County, Illinois - 665 MW * Big Sandy in Kenova, West Virginia - 300 MW * University Park in Chicago, Illinois - 300 MW * Wolf Hills in Bristol, Virginia - 250 MW
Includes throughput from the Kenova, Cobb, Boldman, and recently acquired Langley processing plants.
4) Includes throughput from our Kenova, Cobb, and Boldman processing plants.
HOUSTON -- Louis Dreyfus Highbridge Energy LLC (LDH Energy), announced today that one of its operating subsidiaries, LDH Energy Cyrus River Terminal LLC, has purchased the Big Sandy River Dock - a coal facility in Kenova, West Virginia - from Kanawha River Terminals LLC.
These expansions include replacing the Partnership's existing Boldman and Cobb processing plants with cryogenic processing facilities, and modifying the Kenova processing plant for greater propane recovery to increase production.
8) Includes throughput from the Partnership's Kenova, Cobb and Boldman processing plants.
MarkWest will also modify the Kenova processing plant for greater propane recovery to increase production by approximately 10,000 gallons per day.
Baltimore, MD 21220 Ron Emory Memorial Fund c/o Citizens Bank 652 North DuPont Highway Milford, DE 19963 Richard Smoot Memorial Fund c/o Fifth Third Bank 1008 Oak Street Kenova, WV 25530
9 on the Big Sandy River near Kenova, West Virginia commonly known as the "Cyrus Dock" as well as certain contracts and permits related to the ownership and operation of the dock.