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KENTKent Equal Employability Partnership (UK)
KENTKey Environmental Non-Judgemental Task Force (fictional agency; Nebulous; British Broadcasting Corporation)
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Kent is very special; be shares his time, energies and resources to helping others.
The retailer is working with Kent County Council's Produced in Kent initiative to promote the apples.
In the 1960s, Kent produced, directed and wrote four fresh, unusual and sexually frank features that pushed boundaries, upset critics and had the censors tied up in knots.
One of the worst parts of the race is the doldrums [an area of light or no wind] near the equator," Kent told JS.
A limited review cannot do justice to the subsequent chapters exploring such activity, which, like Jacqueline Bower's chapter on Kent towns, are enriched by detailed demographic analyses.
I decided to go to Cuba, very simply, because the Jews there don't have a rabbi and I wanted to help them," Rabbi Kent explained to THE NEW AMERICAN.
When Lear refuses to recant his decision and tells Kent again to desist, the loyal Earl replies:
The shootings have been commemorated each year since at Kent State, bringing in speakers and performers whose names have become synonymous with activism: Helen Caldicott, Jane Fonda, and William Kuntzler; Peter, Paul, and Mary; Joan Baez; and Crosby, Stills, and Nash.
Under the accrual basis, Kent must report the contract amounts as income in the year in which the services are rendered, even if payment is received in a later year (i.
Kent draws on a large body of recent scholarship about interwar British feminism, and cites it often and respectfully.
Kent and his colleagues find evidence that gas in the Milky Way's inner bulge -- about 3,300 light-years in diameter -- may move in an elliptical orbit, indicating the bulge is much less symmetric than previously thought.
Kent Automotive has supplied products to some franchise locations, but this agreement is the first time the franchises will be able to use Kent Automotive as the preferred vendor, receiving consistency in service and products under the two-year agreement.
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