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KEPKessler-Ellis Products
KEPKurier-, Express- und Paket (German: Messenger, Express and Parcel)
KEPNepalganj, Nepal - Nepalganj (Airport Code)
KEPKinetic Energy Projectile (weapon)
KEPKnowledge Evaluation Pamphlet
KEPKaiser Electroprecision (aerospace manufacturing company in Southern California)
KEPKnowledge Extraction Program
KEPKey Encryption Protocol (IETF)
KEPKosova Enterprise Program
KEPKyushu Electric Power (Japan)
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They then went on to name the Daily as their "Best KEP Transporter 2015".
The Kep you see today bears the hallmarks of enterprising expats who have begun to rebuild and remodel the town, although relatively few of its once magnificent villas have been restored to their original grandeur.
Group 3 includes Endo, Kep, and 1-BP because they each contain organochlorine or organobromine in their chemical structures.
Recommendations Rock It Luanchlo 6pts win at 12-1 Ladbrokes Swift Kep 4pts win at 8-1 with Betfred
Food resulting from human activities was used more at VVP and KEP than at RTF where the most commonly consumed items were insects and invertebrates.
Energy and Filtration Efficiency Classification of Air Filters kep Number @ 3400 m3/hr (or 2000CFM) Energy Efficiency Class kep [greater than or equal to] 1 1 1 > kep [greater than or equal to] 0.
The work of Phelps and Smith, with minor input from others, the KEP comprise philological exercises (KEPE) and manuscripts of the published Book of Abraham (KEPA).
We know it has been a battle to kep the school open and we know it has a small attendance.
Hours after being appointed, the new Phnom Penh governor Kep Chutema took office Tuesday with a pledge to continue the work left behind by his popular predecessor.
Banished from the first team squad and sent out on a series of loan deals after a training ground bust-up with former boss Ivano Bonettie, Wilkie has emerged as a kep member of the side under new manager Jim Duffy.
His apparent, quiet emulation of Cosimo -- for example, portraits from life of neither man exist today, and the two had parallel business and ecclesiastical patronal activities -- as well as his good sense, kep t him apart from the often nasty politics of his day.
The folks at All Breed Grooming Salon say they have been kep busy giving their doggie clients summer cuts.