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KEPIKenya Expanded Programme on Immunization (Kenya Ministry of Health)
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Ancillary materials include patterns for quilt squares and kepi, a glossary of 44 period terms, and a list of current reference works and websites.
6 billion in 2001, the worst in the 33 years that the Reinsurance Association of America (RAA) has kepi records.
Sul marciapiede la conversazione fu tutta intorno alla divisa, al berretto che non si chiamava piu kepi, alla sciabola brunita che Filippo aveva acquistata d'ordinanza ed era curva e pesante come una scimitarra.
YOU zip along the highway past the watching gendarme in the kepi and the hoardings advertising everything from French cars to croissants.
The ONPE office in Tarma is headed by an energetic young woman with a doctorate in the social sciences, dressed in a multi-zippered blue ONPE vest and matching kepi.
After the first month of this season, George and Jenny Pike's Kepi Team were languishing in 340th place with 3,772 points to their name.
A colored border on the kepi identified the student's neighborhood school - yellow, red, green, blue and violet; an escutcheon embroidered on the kepi indicated the student's class in school.
Il est enferme dans une baraque sous la surveillance de Pays qui l'humilie : lui prenant son kepi pour lui tendre une chechia de tirailleur (chapitre 5).
Included in this category are Japanese shiokara, made from squid and its internal organs; Malaysian belacan and Indonesian trassi (or terasi), both made from shrimp; kepi, a shrimp paste from Thailand; and Korean jeot-kal, made from a variety of fish.
The kepi, a cap with a flat circular top, stiff crown, tight head band and visor, was common wear in both field service and daily activity by Confederate and Union soldiers.
THE link between human hair and our concern for the environment has never been scientifically explained, but there is no doubt that flowing locks and a well-fertilised beard were as much part of the uniform of the eco-warrior (the male ones, anyway), as the kepi of the French Legionnaire.