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One afternoon a man of the town, Henry Brad- ford, who kept a saloon, came to the schoolhouse door.
The girls had on cotton dresses under their shawls; they kept shivering beneath the buffalo robes and hugging each other for warmth.
We hadn't any more adventures, though I kept awake all night and was ready.
All the smaller keys he kept on a ring in the breast-pocket of his coat.
But Jip kept snapping at their noses, so they were afraid to climb up the side of the ship.
By this time we had got so far out of the run of the current that we kept steerage way even at our necessarily gentle rate of rowing, and I could keep her steady for the goal.
The Bill of Rights of that State declares that standing armies are dangerous to liberty, and ought not to be kept up in time of peace.
A prince does not spend much on colonies, for with little or no expense he can send them out and keep them there, and he offends a minority only of the citizens from whom he takes lands and houses to give them to the new inhabitants; and those whom he offends, remaining poor and scattered, are never able to injure him; whilst the rest being uninjured are easily kept quiet, and at the same time are anxious not to err for fear it should happen to them as it has to those who have been despoiled.
Therefore soldiers must be treated in the first instance with humanity, but kept under control by means of iron discipline.
Preparations were instantly made to receive an enemy; while some of the men, throwing themselves upon the "running horses" kept for hunting, galloped off to reconnoitre.
On the side of the river along which he had kept, he had met with but few Indians, and those were too miserably poor to yield much assistance.
He came to live with some French people that take in young men (and others) for this purpose; it's a kind of coaching place, only kept by women.