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KERKernel (mathematics)
KERKentucky Equine Research (Versailles, KY)
KERKerala (India)
KERKnowledge Engineering Review (Cambridge Journals Online)
KERKelly Engineering Resources (Kelly Services, Inc.; Troy, MI)
KERKerman, Iran - Kerman (Airport Code)
KERKashmir Earthquake Relief (Los Angeles, CA)
KERKey Education Resources (Key Bank; education financing)
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In his new role, BA ker will be responsible for managing the company's financial operations across the region, driving profitability and supporting key growth areas.
Joining Echauz in the one-point win over Ker 46 Alpha + were top match racing skipper Allan Balladares and Standard Insurance computer engineer Steve Tan.
High styrene rubbers (HSR) are sold under the KER product name, and are produced in Poland.
But the tribunal heard that in January 2014, Dr Paton Ker had received texts from the patient inviting her for a drink.
As part of the renovation of KER tarpaulins, TER and SEK CNPE Gravelines, expertise residual thickness measurements of tanks, revealed significant under-thicknesses of the reservoir 0 KER 011 BA.
Con palabras de Avery Dulles, Ker advierte en la Introduccion del peligro de interpretar a Newman fijandose solo en algunas citas de sus obras: <<Newman no puede ser estudiado a base de fragmentos, sino solo por la comprension de su entero pensamiento>> (p.
Jon Ker during his time with the Great North Air Ambulance in 2005 IAN COOPER
Southern States field staff will use KER technology to advise equine customers on the exact nutritional requirements for their horses.
Lieutenant Ker, Lieutenant Ker, with a single with a single Vickers gun, Vickers gun, succeeded in succeeded in engaging the engaging the enemy infantry enemy infantry and held up the and held up the attack, inicting attack, inicting many casualties.
Ker, of the Democratic Progressive Party, has dismissed investigators' allegations as being part of a plot by Ma to manipulate the judiciary, expose his own political rivals within the KMT and undermine the credibility of the DPP, which was in power from 2000 to 2008.
Agartala, July 30 ( ANI ): A centuries-old tribal custom in Tripura called Ker Puja was celebrated with full devotion in Tripura.
THEOREM 6 There is a smallest value N(d), dependent only on d, with the following property: If n [greater than or equal to] N(d) and k [member of] Ker [h.