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KERMITKl-10 Error-Free Reciprocal Micro Interconnect Over TTY Lines
KERMITKernel Methods for Images and Text (project)
KERMITKatrina Episcopal Relief Maryland Impact Team (Maryland)
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The video above shows the condition Kermit was in when he was admitted by the warden - viewer discretion is advised.
He was personally picked by Henson's family to take over as Kermit, and was also given the voice of Ernie from Sesame Street.
The reason for the Kermit star's departure has not been revealed.
Cotton, a 61-year-old Kermit native who works for an oilfield service provider, said his sister in-law in Amarillo texted him "you need to move" after the SMU study came out.
After contracting septicaemia in Spain, Kermit (real name Paul Leveridge) ended up fighting for his life.
They were funny too, with Shaun trying to catch out Kermit for not knowing what album Little Bob was on, only for him to be the one that had it wrong.
Super Weird Happening Liverpool, a 12-hour extravaganza featuring Kermit Leveridge, Greg Wilson and John Higgs plus lots more, takes place at Constellations, Greenland Street, Liverpool on October 18.
Whether they choose to help Kermit search for the lost Muppet family at the airport or watch Miss Piggy at large in the art world, entertainment is guaranteed.
Meanwhile Kermit is held captive in a Siberian gulag where, under orders from glamorous guard Nadya (Tina Fey), he is putting on a show.
But it soon turns into a jewel heist caper thanks to a Kermit doppelganger called Constantine, who has escaped from Gulag 38B in Siberia, The action opens brilliantly, with the lyrics to a self-deprecating musical intro featuring Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga telling us that a sequel is never as good as the original.
While the Muppets go on a world tour of the biggest cities in Europe, they find themselves in the middle of a conflict headed by none other than the biggest criminal in the world, Constantine, who's a dead ringer for Kermit the Frog.
Edith Kermit Roosevelt: Creating the Modern First Lady