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KERMITKl-10 Error-Free Reciprocal Micro Interconnect Over TTY Lines
KERMITKernel Methods for Images and Text (project)
KERMITKatrina Episcopal Relief Maryland Impact Team (Maryland)
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It's not exactly an easy working environment, especially as Kermit has now split from his long term love Miss P and is currently dating Denise, also a pig, from the marketing department.
After contracting septicaemia in Spain, Kermit (real name Paul Leveridge) ended up fighting for his life.
They were funny too, with Shaun trying to catch out Kermit for not knowing what album Little Bob was on, only for him to be the one that had it wrong.
Super Weird Happening Liverpool, a 12-hour extravaganza featuring Kermit Leveridge, Greg Wilson and John Higgs plus lots more, takes place at Constellations, Greenland Street, Liverpool on October 18.
Whether they choose to help Kermit search for the lost Muppet family at the airport or watch Miss Piggy at large in the art world, entertainment is guaranteed.
Meanwhile Kermit is held captive in a Siberian gulag where, under orders from glamorous guard Nadya (Tina Fey), he is putting on a show.
Another major flaw is that having two Kermits means there's not enough of the no-nonsense Miss Piggy.
The blind takes its inspiration from the plot of the movie, in which Gervais and Kermit play master criminals and is also a tongue in cheek nod towards the classic 'The Usual Suspects' movie.
Kermit and pals head out on another cinematic caper
KERMIT had a novel way of casting his new film - he videoed himself making personal appeals to a host of stars.
Summary: They are known as two of the most glamorous creatures in Hollywood, now Kermit and Miss Piggy are sharing the secret to their success.