KESKConfederation of Public Sector Unions (Turkey)
KESKKamu Emekçileri Sendikalari Konfederasyonu (Turkish: Sendikalari Confederation of Public Workers; Sandikli, Turkey)
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According to the Cumhuriyet daily on Tuesday, KESK member Yiy-it said police officers forced union members organizing the peace rally to announce that there was a third bomb detected in the area of the rally, adding that union members were also asked ahead of the rally to sign a report indicating the event had been held without any problems.
Our demand is for police violence to end immediately," KESK spokesman Baki Cinar told AFP, adding that the unions would be joined by striking engineers, dentists and doctors.
After KESK made the proposal, the session was recessed.
ANKARA, Aug 15, 2010 (TUR) -- Collective bargaining between Turkish government, and public sector and civil service unions in the country which began Sunday morning was postponed until Wednesday, as KESK, one of the leading Federations of Public Sector Unions asked the negotiations to be suspended until after the upcoming referendum.
A spokesperson from the KESK SE-leyman Ayyylmaz read the press statement to the reporters.
which are members of Turkey's major federation of civil servant unions like Kamu-Sen, Memur-Sen and KESK, will represent public sector workers at the negotiation table.
Labor confederation KESK staged a full-day strike, while members of other confederations Turk-Is, Disk and Kamu-Sen stopped working for an hour yesterday.
TE-rkiye Kamu-Sen was demanding 22 percent and 20 percent increases, respectively, while KESK had announced that it would demand a delay in the talks.
Meanwhile, worker groups from several labor unions under KESK have gathered in downtown Ankara to stage a protest against government's labor policies.
When Ecelik prepared to leave the meeting following the announcement of the offer, Lami Euzgen, the president of KESK, said to him: "That is not the way; I wouldn't have expected this behavior from you.
Following speeches made by heads of labor unions KESK and DISK, the crowd left the site.
Speaking on behalf of the crowd, KESK representative Serkan EcelikgE-n said two years have passed since the Gezi uprising in which people demanded a democratic and free country.