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KETKentucky Educational Television
KETKey Enabling Technology
KETKey English Test
KETKodály Educators of Texas
KETKorea Electric Terminal Co., Ltd. (est. 1973; South Korea)
KETKatedra Energetickej Techniky (Slovak: Department of Energy Techniques; University of Zilina)
KETKinetic Energy Transfer
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The third Boeung Ket spot-kick was saved by the EdC keeper and the rest was all about the newcomers keeping their nerve under intense pressure, which they did to win by the barest of margins.
Auntie Ket passed away over 50 years ago, having survived her husband by many years.
The mar- ket has witnessed issue of initial of- ferings with increased requests at an average of 71% compared to the pre- ceding year 2008.
As a third alternative, already as early as 1953, Hajdu hesitatingly thought of linking Tundra Nenets puda to Ket bu.
The KET Web site biographies include information on nineteen people including the fifteen used in the documentary.
Data from high risk sentinel sites in some urban and border areas cannot be generalized to represent the whole country,'' Ket Sein said at the opening ceremony of the 54th session of the WHO Southeast Asia Regional Committee.
To give an idea of the quality of Ket parton, one could perhaps quote the single five-line poem in the book, number 92, which, because of its length, has a central importance for the whole cycle: "While we imagine God, loneliness is not complete, / and while my lungs remember His breath / even death can be a soft bed, / and nothingness: redemption; but without these / both past and future are sheer futility" (my translation).
Signs are already in Mar- ket Place, Regent Place, St Matthew's Street, Hillmor-ton Locks and Dunchurch.
10 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, compared the Yeniseian language family--which today consists only of Ket, a language spoken in central Siberia--to the Na-Dene family, which includes several languages spoken mainly in western Canada and Alaska.
Photo: (color) Sitting in front of Moorpark's Tipsy Fox mar ket, Alfonso Rodriguez, right, hangs out with friends who are hoping to find work.
KET has, for example, developed a weekly series of televised 90-minute seminars aimed at professional development.
The Busmen matched an AFC Cup record on a rainy Tuesday night, pummeling Cambodian champions Boeung Ket, 9-0, at the start of Group F play at Panaad Stadium.