KEWIKode Etik Wartawan Indonesia (Indonesian: Ethics Journalists of Indonesia)
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kewi (S 04[degrees]14'-W 38[degrees]57') is located at an altitude of 865 m and temperature varies between 18 and 30[degrees]C through the yr.
In contrast, Tarubi and Kewi, both trained in first aid, were already based at village posts.
A filing by KEWI with the Federal Communications Commission stated that the station didn't have the revenue to continue operations and requested that it be silenced.
Dominating the recording process were Tauribi and four others--Inamba, Kewi, Igana and Naggiri.
He also said that KEWI will become the local ESPN affiliate.
By integrating ServiceWare's Knowledge-Pak Desktop Suite content product with 3Si's KEWi (pronounced Kiwi) software application, 3si can offer its customers an Internet-based solution for customer support that delivers the following benefits, particularly for installations with more than 250 users:
In addition, KEWI provides live play-by-play coverage of the sporting events of schools nearby, such as Glen Rose.
a leading manufacturer in the aerospace industry, has extended its relationship with Kewi Systems Inc.
a leading manufacturer in the aerospace industry, has renewed its annual service agreement with Kewi Systems Inc.
net has licensed its KEWi product to SMI International, a subcontractor to Harris Corporation, to provide Internet-based Support for the U.
OTCBB: TSIH) a provider of Internet-based customer support solutions, today announced that the KEWi product has been selected by a national Applications Service Provider (ASP) for its new corporate web site.