KFDAKorea Food & Drug Administration
KFDAKernel Fisher Discriminant Analysis (computer science)
KFDAKunsten Festival des Arts (Brussels, Belgium art festival)
KFDAKansas Funeral Directors and Embalmers Association
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The DEA Seoul Country Office continues to share intelligence regarding the importation of precursor chemicals into South Korea from the United States and other Asian countries with the KFDA, KCS, the Korean Supreme Prosecutors' Office (KSPO), and the Korean National Intelligence Service (KNIS).
We are very happy and proud of the impressively accurate readings, which the KFDA recognized, hence certifying GluCall to be freely sold domestically and overseas on July 26, 2008," he added.
However, KFDA indicated that some of the beer samples registered formaldehyde levels between 0.
The KFDA has introduced a new Notification Listing System for Class I medical devices.
Failure to comply (or if no health functional food regulation exists) deems the food in violation and KFDA will take corrective action.
We will conduct tests on chili-flavored menu items of fast food chains, as we can't rule out the possibility," said Rhim Gi-sub, general director of the food safety bureau at the KFDA.
Current manufacturers who already had their products approved by the KFDA before April 8, 2012, will be granted a KGMP Certificate automatically.
Per the revised Medical Device Act, the KFDA will regulate in-vitro diagnostics as medical devices starting from Jan.
Mazor received KFDA marketing clearance in Korea for the Renaissance system.
The KFDA focused its efforts on educating companies and training its regulatory investigators on the enhanced regulations and procedures for monitoring the precursor chemical program.
As part of the efforts to improve Korea's regulatory integration with international standards, the KFDA has increased acceptance of foreign clinical data in the medical device registration process.
One of the largest producers of paclitaxel and docetaxel in the world, Phyton has been inspected by EDQM, EMA, FDA, KFDA, and TGA.