KFHLKingdom Financial Holdings Limited
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issued shares of KFHL remaining after the proposed transfer of 234 046
621 KFHL shares to KFHL for cancellation, using a distribution ratio of
shareholders of all shares held by Meikles in KFHL.
shareholders may resolve to list KFHL on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange.
To establish KFHL as a dedicated stand-alone business
To enable Meikles and KFHL to report independently to the public and
of the number of the shares of KFHL to pay withholding tax to ZIMRA,
basis of unaudited financial information for Meikles and for KFHL at 30
distribution-in-specie of Meikles total shareholding in KFHL.
result in Meikles shareholders owning KFHL shares directly.
The summarised statement of financial position for KFHL is as