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KFORKosovo Peacekeeping Force
KFORKosovo Forces (NATO)
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The MoD said: "On any given day, tens if not hundreds of KFOR helicopters are flying around Kosovo.
8220;We have an excellent training program at K9 University, and partnering with News Channel 4 - KFOR.
Fiscal year 2014 at the JMRC includes three multinational DATE rotations, involving the regionally aligned force (RAF), two KFOR MREs, on Aviation Brigade MRE, and two MAT/ PAT or multinational battalion level MREs.
Reporters for KFOR saw pupils as young as nine being "pulled out" of one school in Moore, a residential community of 55,000 just south of Oklahoma's state capital.
Bunks says NATO seeks to strengthen its KFOR mission there "because of its evaluation of the current security situation in Kosovo.
The memorandum of understanding for realization of the project for reconstruction of bridges along Corridor 10 was signed by Transport Minister Mile Janakieski and Rex Spitler, KFOR HQ Chief of Staff.
The sides agreed on the demand that only EULEX escorts the convoy, instead of KFOR and Kosovo (Albanian) police," Serbian Orthodox bishop Teodosije said in a television broadcast.
Davutoglu paid a visit to the Turkish battalion operating as part of the multinational NATO task force in Kosovo, KFOR, after attending an inauguration ceremony of the Yunus Emre Culture Center.
We have called on everybody to restrain themselves, not to use force, that we on our part are making an enormous effort in order to keep the people calm, not to let anybody provoke them and that nobody even thinks of taking arms against the people or KFOR," Serbia's minister for Kosovo, Goran Bogdanoviu, said after a meeting with KFOR's commander.
The legal relationship between KFOR and UNMIK was never clearly defined, leaving the former significant room to maneuver, subject only to the broadly defined role of coordination attributed to the head of UNMIK.
I had 26 centimetres of clothing to be examined," the woman, 52-year-old Tammy Banovac, a one-time Playboy model, reportedly told KFOR.
The soldiers from the 41st Infantry was formally stood down last Thursday as part of the KFOR NATO peacekeeping force stationed in Europe's youngest nation.