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KFSKenya Forest Service (Kenya)
KFSKnife, Fork, Spoon (piece of military kit carried on web belt)
KFSKlippel-Feil Syndrome
KFSKey Factor for Success
KFSKorea Forest Service (Daejeon City, South Korea)
KFSKeane Federal Systems, Inc.
KFSKernel File System
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He accuses the KFS of working with unscrupulous sawmillers to cut down more trees than allocated to them in the service's inventory.
Former Labour Police and Crime Minister David Hanson said the failure of KFS raised questions Dav failu t ernme sation U for about the UK government's privatisation policies.
One of the things that we lacked [in filmmaking] was the technical know-how and hopefully the KFS would lead the way [in solving that problem].
Having successfully completed projects serving UK-based manufacturers KFS Group already gained an excellent reputation on the UK market.
To our knowledge, this is the first KFS diagnosed following a trauma.
DISCUSSION: KFS becomes a challenge to anesthesiologists when patients present for surgeries which require prone position and maintenance of head in neutral position.
The second reserve error, which we call the Kazenski, Feldhaus, and Schneider (1992) or KFS error, is the difference between total incurred losses for firm i as of a given calendar year t and a revised estimate of incurred losses in calendar year t+j:
At the same time, KFS is buying, for 10 million, from VIG a transferable five-year call option to acquire 92.
We could see over the last 15 years that people's buying habits were changing, and we figured that down the road, we had better adapt and make some changes," says Soucie, a partner in KFS and head of the logistics division.
Almost 60 percent of the firms in the KFS panel relied on credit cards to finance operations during their first year of business.
The company is offering the KFS series of humidity sensors from Hygrosens of Germany.