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KFSKenya Forest Service (Kenya)
KFSKnife, Fork, Spoon (piece of military kit carried on web belt)
KFSKlippel-Feil Syndrome
KFSKey Factor for Success
KFSKorea Forest Service (Daejeon City, South Korea)
KFSKeane Federal Systems, Inc.
KFSKernel File System
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Mugo added, The Forest Management Agreements (FMA) outline the benefits and responsibilities of both KFS and communities in the management of gazetted forests.
As part of its contract, KFS provides courier and postal services.
We purchased and implemented the CSA Software at a very low point in our countries economy, and now with our business back to normal volumes, the CSA Software has helped KFS increase our efficiency to the point where we are able to handle twice the work load with less staff, and less effort than ever before," Keller continued.
At the same time, KFS is buying, for 10 million, from VIG a transferable five-year call option to acquire 92.
We could see over the last 15 years that people's buying habits were changing, and we figured that down the road, we had better adapt and make some changes," says Soucie, a partner in KFS and head of the logistics division.
Cervical ribs have also occasionally been reported in the context of KFS.
And Sir Geoffrey Dear, former chief constable of West Midlands Police is the chairman of KFS.
For the two Pharmacia meetings, KFS & Associates arranged three broadcast sites, including one in Indianapolis, and more than a dozen receiving sites across the country.
The RapidHIT System will revolutionize the provision of DNA profiles, and we are honored to be one of the first forensic laboratories in the world to deploy it," said Paul Hackett, KFS Group Managing Director.
rSmart provided implementation services for CSU and helped the institution meet its "go live" deadline of July 1, 2009, four months before the official release of KFS.
22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ - (TSX: KFS, NYSE: KFS) Kingsway Financial Services Inc.
Following the completion of the share exchange between KFS and Yapi Kredi in October 2007 for the transfer of the shares owned by KFS in Yapi Kredi (YK) Leasing, YK factoring and YK Azerbaijan to Yapi Kredi, the ownership of KFS in Yapi Kredi increased to 81.