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KFSDKeratosis Follicularis Spinulosa Decalvans
KFSDKuwait Fire Service Directorate
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This July, Gen Khaled Al-Mekrad, director-general of KFSD, outlined key details about Kuwait's fire safety sector .
KFSD is taking "necessary measures" against those causing fires, "regardless of that person's identity".
1-7 The diagnosis of KFSD in our patient was made on the basis of characteristic cutaneous, ocular and histological features.
The treatment of KFSD is frustrating, although several treatment modalities have been reported to be beneficial.
Husain added, We are looking forward to continue this partnership with KFSD under the leadership of Lieutenant-General Al-Mekrad.
KFSD plays a number of critical national roles by providing required protection for lives and property from fires, crashes, incidents and natural disasters and preventing them throughout the country.
Colonel Khalil Al-Ameer, director of public relations and media, KFSD said: "In an effort to avoid different hazards and potential incidents at home and other various places, Safe Campaign has been launched to embody the strategic objectives KFSD is aiming to achieve throughout Kuwait by having such a partnership with Equate.
He added: The campaign will hold a number of awareness activities at a number of places, includes colleges, universities and malls where KFSD members will share guidelines and precautions regarding fire extinguishers, types of fires, smoke alarms, gas cylinders, gas leaks, fire evacuation, dealing with different emergencies and the importance of calling Emergency Number 112 when needed.
KFSD Director of Al-Ahmadi Governorate Fire Department Colonel Tareq Al-Munayes said, Development, progress and adopting latest advances are a must at all times, especially when relevant to protecting and saving lives, as well as preserving property from damage, which constitute the core work of KFSD that always seeks to fulfill its national role.
EQUATE Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) Leader Mohammad Al-Shamary said, Due to safety having several personal and professional dimensions, such a partnership between KFSD and EQUATE holds utmost importance to ensure overall safety at home, work, when driving vehicles and other places, including ACK that has our heartfelt appreciation for holding this activity.
Three firefighters were slightly injured; two of them received first aid at the scene and the third was rushed to a nearby hospital, according to a KFSD statement tonight.
But Kuwait Fire Service Directorate "does not cover on arson and is ready to take necessary measures against anyone trying to mess with security of the country, safety of people and properties," General Khaled Al-Mekrad, KFSD Director General, said.