KFSMKenya Food Security Meeting (coordinating body)
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News Director Bill Cummings said in an email that Danver resigned from KFSM after the arrest.
Lewis, who was hired in 2011, wrote on her station Facebook page last week that it was her final week at KFSM.
This celebration is a great opportunity for KFSM and the Fort Smith community to reminisce about the past and talk about their future," said Cynthia H.
Local residents, businesses and community leaders have played a vital role in the growth and success of KFSM and we are delighted to share this special occasion with them.
Irwin said he was unemployed for about six hours before fielding a call from KNWA Sports Director Jason Carroll, who, coincidentally, was hired by Irwin 13 years earlier as a sports cameraman at KFSM.
In 1975, a friend at KFSM in Fort Smith told Irwin the station was going to open a bureau in Fayetteville.
The station's general manager, Van Comer, said KFSM would continue covering sports and would hire more staffers for its sports department.
Since Arkansas' muggy months aren't as busy for local sports, Bagley said, KFSM was taking the summer to reorganize.
Van Comer, general manager of KFSM and KXNW, said his stations didn't stream sporting events, per university request.
The City Wire's managing editor, Michael Tilley, and KFSM evening co-anchor Daren Bobb are hosting the show.
Comer said that if the deal went through, KFSM and KPBI would operate with one staff, and KPBI's operations would be moved to KFSM's existing Fayetteville studio.
On Tuesday, KFSM cited a report by The City Wire, an online news outlet, that indicated the plant might be closing two manufacturing lines within the plant, including one that makes trash compactors.