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KFTZKuwait Free Trade Zone
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Not only these two but in the KFTZ alone there were around 11 disappeared and thus the Zone workers chose October 27th to commemorate not only their colleagues, but now embracing to commemorate all the 65,000 unofficial number whom they consider caused to disappear and murdered.
In the case of KFTZ Ranjith the inquiring officer subsequently became a Minister in the PA government.
This is a very good opportunity for these two zones to co-operate," commented a senior manager of Khorramshar's Special Economic Zone during a visit by a 60-man Iranian delegation to the KFTZ in October.
Plans by Iran to set up a permanent trade exhibition centre in the KFTZ were also on the agenda, according to the Kuwait daily Arab Times.
The KFTZ, Wazzan was quoted as saying, is also well placed to serve the populous centres of Iraq once sanctions are lifted.