KFUKarl-Franzens-Universität (University of Graz, Austria)
KFUKing Faisal University (Saudi Arabia)
KFUKristeligt Folkepartis Ungdom (Danish: Christian People's Youth Party)
KFUKiss for You (chat slang)
KfUKontaktpunkt for Ulandsteknologi (Danish: Center for Technology Transfer)
KFUKnowledge Free User
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0 Table 6: Fatty acid composition of dried Spirulina platensis cultivated at KFU.
Some of the structures are Al Noor in Madinah Al Munawarra and Kika, Dhahran, as well as the Riyadh projects of the Medical Clinic, KFU, Al Raseel, El Ajoul and The Arcade.
We invited students from KFU so as to bridge this gap and show them around our plant to help them absorb engineering concepts better as well as get an idea of how a real manufacturing plant works.
Yousuf Al-Jandan, KFU president, opened the meeting by extending a warm welcome to the visiting delegates, including senior vice president of Engineering and Project Management Abdullatif A.
Al-Othman expressed his admiration of KFU achievements over the past years and reiterated Saudi Aramco s continuous support for the university in achieving its goals through solid and sustainable collaboration.
This committee has been tasked to work with KFU on translating these identified actions into implementable programs with appropriate monitoring and follow-up mechanisms.