KFUPMKing Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
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The CRA includes a plan for Dresser-Rand to occupy an office at the Dhahran Techno Valley business center on the KFUPM campus to foster continued collaboration with University staff and students," said David A.
The mission of the center was highlighted by Huawei s Lida, who said that by jointly working with the world's leading company, Saudi Aramco, and top university, KFUPM, and other partners, the Joint Innovation Center is committed to providing information and communication technologies for the oil and gas industry based on Huawei technologies and our global partners' expertise to meet customer requirements.
The JIC will also play a key role in knowledge sharing of broad technical industry areas through structured training and knowledge transfer programs that can effectively add value to Saudi Aramco, KFUPM, and other oil & gas companies, as well as partners.
The authors thank KFUPM for its support for this research.
Al-Sultan greeted Emerson president and chief operating officer Ed Monser at a ceremony held yesterday at KFUPM in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, to mark the signing of the land lease.
In 2014, Saudi Aramco KFUPM Collaboration Board met to review progress on joint research and development, education, training, technology transfer, and community engagements.
Senior executives from Saudi Aramco, KFUPM, various partner firms and experts from other leading technical, engineering and energy service companies attended the opening ceremony.
Saudi Telecommunications Company (STC) and King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) partnered with Ericsson to establish a centre of excellence in KFUPM with the aim of preparing Saudi nationals for careers in telecommunications at STC.
During the reception, Prince Mohammed hailed the efforts of KFUPM in supporting its students by organizing Academy trips to UK universities to benefit from the experiences of others in various fields of science, pointing out that UK will celebrate the graduation of 3500 Saudi male and female students on scholarship programs in Britain Universities.
Khaled Al Sultan, rector and CEO, KFUPM, stated: "We are proud that Honeywell has chosen to partner with us in Dhahran Techno Valley.
The agreement symbolizes continued cooperation between KFUPM and UOP to strengthen the university's capabilities in catalyst and catalytic process development," said Dr Sahel Abduljauwad, vice rector of applied research for the KFUPM.
Honeywell's UOP and the KFUPM have signed a five-year agreement that will allow university professors and researchers to collaborate with company scientists on catalyst development and processes for aromatics production.