KFZKraftfahrzeug (common German abbreviation for car)
KFZKingston Free Zone (free trade zone; Jamaica)
KFZKane Fracture Zone (geoscience)
KFZKarosseriebau Frank Zapf (automotive repair shop; Germany)
KFZKleinanzeigen Flohmarkt Zeitung (German: Flea Market Newspaper Classifieds)
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Gruenberg KFZ Juelich Ferien Schule A41-A425 (2000).
The Prime Minister recently announced plans for relocation of KFZ in the next 3 - 5 years to allow for the expansion of the transshipment port;
Under the leadership of the MCN, the KFZ was developed as a comprehensive, multi-pillar program that integrates elements of alternative development, law enforcement and eradication, public information and drug treatment.