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KH2Kingdom Hearts 2 (game)
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The Cambrian Khewra Sandstone has 6 facies KH1 shows a marginal marine deepening upward sequence, KH2 facies is storm dominant lower shelf or storm dominant pro delta, KH3 facies indicates channel fill and point bar deposits of delta front, KH4 shows a switching delta lobe environment due to marine influx, KH5 shows a changing delta environment, KH6 facie is a distributary channel fill environment.
In order to assess the effect of HN4 NO3 and KH2 PO4 on in vitro germination, sterilize seeds were cultured in culture bottles containing B5 basal media supplemented with different concentrations of H[N.
CM1: Dextrose 10, Peptone 5, Epsom salt 5, KH2 PO4 5, Common salt 2.