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KHAKansas Hospital Association
KHAKeene Housing Authority (est. 1965; Keene, NH)
KHAKimley-Horn & Associates, Inc (Phoenix, AZ)
KHAKosciuszko Huts Association (Kosciuszko National Park; Australia)
KHAKilled By Hostile Action
KHAKingston Hill Academy (est. 2001; South Kingston, RI)
KHAKendall/Heaton Associates, Inc (Houston, TX)
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In order to clarify the career of chief architect Kha and his role in western Thebes during the second half of the XVIIIth dynasty, Russo compiles a biographical outline of his official role, his working activities, and prospographical data concerning his relationship with his contemporaries.
IMR KHA - Portland has over 50 frames, a staff of trained experts and engineers, Nadcap accreditation and decades of experience with clients in the Aerospace Industry.
KHA Solutions Group, a for-profit entity and a wholly owned subsidiary of Kentucky Hospital Association, indicated that pending further investigation into BioNeutral and its products, BioNeutral may be selected as a partner in KHA Solutions Group's Affinity Partner Program.
Cattoi compares the theologies of divine embodiment in the Greek Father Maximos the Confessor (580-662) with the Tibetan Buddhist Tsong kha pa (1357-1419).
This study is conceived of as part two of Ruegg's 2000 publication, Three Studies in the History of Indian and Tibetan Madhyamaka Philosophy, which consisted of a short history of Tibetan Madhyamaka up to the time of Tsong kha pa (1357-1419), a survey of Madhyamaka views on "theses" and "philosophical positions," and an examination of Tsong kha pa's method of supporting his Madhyamaka positions with Dharmakirtian epistemological theory.
Green Curry follows the general directions for Tom Kha Gai but adds green beans and excludes the green chili and sweetener.
Nor would more officers have made a difference: Had officers seen Flores that morning, "they would have said, 'Hi, Bob,'" says Kha.
Cindy Samuelson, KHA Vice President of Member Services and Public Relations, commented, "Based on national surveys, hospitals in Kansas rank among the highest in the country for patient satisfaction, and KHA is committed to helping them maintain that distinction through strategic talent acquisition.
Picks: Of the outstanding soups here, a favorite is the traditional Thai tom kha kai at $5.
At the same time, KHA also announced special introductory rates until February 28 on leases of its Peugeot cars in Europe through December 31, 1997.
Free phone numbers provide victims additional safety because Caller ID doesn't reveal the location," says Kha Phan, FreeDigits.