KHCSKillian Hill Christian School (Lilburn, Georgia)
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The KHCS has an RFID reader which can read the RFID tags in the slots of the hanger rods.
For the case where the garments on the KHCS are initially spread out sparsely, so that there are not enough empty hanger rods, KHCS has a mechanism to collect the existing garments and move them into continuous slots.
He takes the empty KHCS hanger rods with him to be delivered and used in the pick-up area of the RL Laundry facility, as described in section 5.
Mike has elevated Kerr's understanding of excellence in all areas of clinical pharmacy operations," Civello says of Brown, who had served as vice president of operations at KHCS.
Before this executive appointment, Brown served as vice president of operations at KHCS.
George and I were acquainted at KHCS when we took the first-ever computer programming class offered at the school in 1971.