KHGKatholische Hochschulgemeinde (German: Catholic University Community)
KHGKernel Hacking Guide
KHGKosova Hackers Group
KHGKlingon Honor Guard (Star Trek)
KHGKernel Hacking Guide (Linux)
KHGKerntechnische Hilfs GmbH (Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen, Germany)
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KHG operates 22 hotels in nine states: Tennessee, eight; Alabama, North Carolina and Mississippi, three each; and Connecticut, Illinois, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Texas, one each.
Cybernetix, which makes robots for INTRA and KHG, can make robots capable of withstanding radiation exposure of about 1,000 times the requested level, the sources said.
To fullfill its range of market demands, KHG offers almost every kind of coffee blend from 100% Robusta to 100% Arabica, for home and Horeca (foodservice) use, from inexpensive coffees to some of the most expensive, as ground and whole bean, in vacuum packs and tins.
That the company is organized to serve a larger and more diffuse market than Austria's is clear: 60% of KHG roasted coffee production is exported.
In addition to roasted and processed coffee products, the company also markets a quite considerable tonnage of green coffee to clients in Eastern Europe (pursuing the theme of versatility, a little of this is even packaged at the KHG plant, for sale in those markets where the tradition of at-home roasting has lingered).
In fact, the four coffee buyers at KHG are acquiring 2 million bags annually.
A certain span of international experience would surely be the requisite at KHG, a company whose buying and/ or selling interests are truly global.
8 KHG - on the ground floor the LKH has various planners with the provision of the performance phases 1 and 2 acc.
7 2 KHG Examination according to 53 HGrG Krankenhaus Lbbecke-Rahden Examination of the annual financial statement according to the hospital registration ordinance Including the bookkeeping and management report pursuant to Sections 316 et seq.
The object of the contract is the preparation of expert opinions with audits of the test objects commissioned by the health insurance funds according to the "agreement on the details of the test procedure pursuant to 275 para 1 c SGB V pursuant to 17 c KHG (PrfvV)" on the basis of 275 - 277 SGB V.