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KHNKnoop Hardness Number
KHNKomisi Hukum Nasional (Indonesian: National Law Commission; est. 2000; Indonesia)
KHNKerwin-Huelsman-Newcomb (electronics)
KHNKingdom Hearts Network
KHNKettering Health Network (various locations)
KHNKoninklijk Horeca Nederland (Dutch: Dutch Royal Hospitality; trade association)
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What hasn't changed since we launched in 2009 is our commitment to providing the deepest and broadest consumer-focused coverage -- at the federal and state level -- of subjects ranging from the Affordable Care Act to what's new in employer health plans, Medicare, Medicaid and the health industry," said John Fairhall, KHN editor in chief.
Following the initial migration, the integration team developed Ensemble-based interfaces for other hospitals in the KHN.
Simon Rogers, chief executive of KHN, which manages council housing in Kirklees, said: "Our challenge is to build on the success we have achieved by strengthening what we already do and developing new ways that help more people to get involved.
KGaA, EBI, Express Diagnostic, Intoximeters, KHN Solutions LLC Bactrack Breathalyzers, Lab Corp, Ladybug Teknologies, Lifeloc Technologies, MPD, National Patent Analytic Systems (NPAS) / Datamaster, Psychemedic Corporation, OmegaPoint Systems, Quest Diagnostics, Randox Laboratories, Rapid Detect Inc.
Mean KHN values and standard deviations are shown in Table 2, in which the lowercase letters (a-c) were used to make comparisons among the beverages and control groups, and the uppercase letters (A-B) were used to make comparisons among the treatments.
KHN neighbourhood manager for the area, Jacky Thomas, said: "The flats at berry Brow are looking a bit tired these days, so we've asked Loca to help us give them a face lift.
We are thrilled to have her join KHN," said Kaiser Family Foundation President and CEO Drew Altman.
KHN includes Kettering, Grandview, Sycamore and Southview medical centers; Greene Memorial and Fort Hamilton hospitals; and more than 60 outpatient centers.
All content on a topic - whether a fact sheet, poll, slide, data table, video or infographic or KHN news report - will be integrated for one-stop viewing.
However, KHN values decreased according to the order: polished surface with discs > glazed surface > untouched surface under matrix.
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