KHRCKenya Human Rights Commission (est. 1992)
KHRCKansas Housing Resources Corporation (Topeka, KS)
KHRCKentucky Horse Racing Commission (regulatory agency)
KHRCKintampo Health Research Centre (Ghana health research unit)
KHRCKansas Human Rights Commission
KHRCKazan Human Rights Center (Russia)
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In connection with this, it should be underscored that if the suit is successful the KHRC plans to establish a fund with the proceeds to care for Mau Mau veterans.
As part of its quest for national reconciliation, the KHRC is working to address the rifts created by the British colonial regime's divide and rule policies, which were so clearly evident in the formation and utilisation of the Home Guard, especially during the "Emergency" and which continue to bedevil Kenyan society even today.
The KHRC has been conducting the search for a suitable racing lab since late 2008 and, according to Daily Racing Form, commissioners said they were drawn to HFL "because of its low costs and its promise to build a lab in the state".
Africans on the continent and in the Diaspora should support the KHRC by calling on the British government to account for its torture of Mau Mau detainees.
US-based law dean Prof Makau Mutua chairs KHRC, Josephine Mong'are chairs Fida, while Leah Wangechi is the executive director for the Centre for Rights Education and Awareness.
In line with many other states, notably California, the KHRC voted unanimously to regulate steroids.
Rush addressed the letter to Robert Beck jnr, chairman of the KHRC, and asked why Dutrow was suspended for 15 days when Kentucky regulations call for at least a 30-day suspension for a second offence.