KHUKyung Hee University
KHUKadir Has University (est. 1997; Istanbul, Turkey)
KHUKenya Hockey Union
KHUKids Hope United
KHUKingdom Hearts Union (gaming website)
KHUKeowee Hydro Unit (US NRC)
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In fact, the discourse of the ya khu khit amyothami (presentday women) not only drove home the imperative of domesticity for women, but also provided consolation for those doubtful about marriage and motherhood (p 76).
Mya Kyi's husband Khu Thu, 40, said he is Buddhist, but he doesn't belong to the DKBA.
On February 14, 2007, based on DEA and AFP information, the Muse CCDAC ANTF dismantled a heroin refinery near Khar Li Khu Village, Mong Ko Township, Burma.
Local resident Khu Tran in the forefront of the community clean-up and (inset) Vine Street neighbours Louise Morgan (left) and Marie O'Reilly.
Bil Khu, 54, a businessman from Parklands in Ponteland, agreed that services in the North-East were satisfactory and commented that the congestion was not unexpected.
As head of a military area, the Khu IX, which housed the centres of government and party, Frey had been a member of the enlarged Central Committee, and was the only officer who had access to Giap day and night.
This paper draws upon diaspora theory (Tu Wei-ming, Aihwa Ong) and personal narratives of first-time "return" to Chinese ancestral homelands by Chinese diasporic offspring (Denise Chang, Josephine Khu, and others) to explore how diaspora theories may be transformed when compared with personal accounts, and how Asian American models need to reconsider transnational travel and subjectivity.
Despite the extra hours, Stop in Donuts not only provided for Luu and his wife, May Khu, it enabled them to send their three children to college, two of whom recently graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles.
Prominent Russian paediatrician Leonid Roshal, who aided hostages during the deadly seizure of a Moscow theatre by Chechens in 2002, was among the negotiators and said his contact among the hostagetakers was a man who called himself Shai Khu and identified himself as their press-attache.
The other finalists included Tim Wendelboe from Norway, Vikram Khu rana from India who received training at Solberg & Hansen, Luigi Lupi from Italy, who's been working as a barista for over 20 years, Emma Markland-Webster from New Zealand, whose signature drink included 18-carat gold, and Dismas Smith from the U.
Some Thais defining work will recite a 1950's logan introduced by the military dictator Sarit that states 'ngan khu ngern, ngern khu ngan, banda stink', which means work is money, money is work and this brings us happiness.
Lim Song Khu, assistant secretary of the Seoul Subway Workers Union, speaking to labor activists in Australia in 1994, made a similar point.