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KIBORKarachi Interbank Offered Rate
KIBORKiev Interbank Offer Rate
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The EBM also decided to approve the Voluntary Return (VR) application in a case against Al-Hamra Hills and Al-Hamra Avenue and M/s Eden Builders Pvt Ltd amounting to Rs 643 million of the original amount plus interest at average KIBOR rate.
Given the policy implications of the information, on the magnitude of pass through and the lag structure with which the policy rate influences different market rates, this Paper seeks to measure the pass-through of the changes in six month Treasury bill rate to six month KIBOR, six month weighted average deposit rate and weighted average lending rate.
LIBOR, KIBOR, SIBOR and others) seen in Sukuk Al-Ijara'h.
Still, despite lower liquidity, average KIBOR saw a continued but limited decline in June, ranging between 4 and 8 bps over the different maturities.
As on 30th January 2009, both the 3-month and the 6-month KIBOR of 14.
Commerce and Industry (KPCCI), Fawad Ishaq has expressed concern over high ratio of KIBOR by State Bank of Pakistan despite of the fact that oil price in international market has reduced to dollar 48 per barrel from dollar 100 per barrel.
Banks shall determine mark up rate keeping in view KIBOR rate and their cost of funds etc.
KWD interbank rates also edged lower with the 1-month KIBOR down by one basis point.
This shows impressive core banking operations as average 6-months KIBOR increased by 70bps in 2011 compared to 2010 while cost of funds remained on the lower side.
The movement in KIBOR reflects the monetary policy stance.
This has reversed a trend observed since September of last year that has sent KIBOR down to record lows in June of this year.
Growing liquidity and competition forced banks to lend close to and in some instances below KIBOR and overall there was softening of lending rates.