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KIBORKarachi Interbank Offered Rate
KIBORKiev Interbank Offer Rate
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Since, interest rates are highly resolute, so autoregressive models are most commonly used in the forecasting of KIBOR rates.
Islamic banks must submit to the Central Bank the details of Mudarabah, Musharakah and Wakalah based products for delinking with the KIBOR benchmark, including:
The paper was issued at a rate of KIBOR plus 200 basis points for five years maturity and could also be traded through Bond Automated Trading System (BATS) of Karachi Stock Exchange.
Despite the drop in liquid assets, banks remained very comfortably liquid as average KIBOR (Kuwait interbank offer rate) remained close to its lows during the month.
More or less complete pass-through of the change in policy rate to KIBOR is observed within one month.
In a board meeting of SIB on 23rd January, it was decided that funds will be received from sponsors/directors in form of subordinate loan for three years with profit six months KIBOR, read the notification.
In a circular, the State Bank of Pakistan said Islamic finance institutions would have to outline their alternative pricing mechanism for participatory financing schemes, replacing the use of the Karachi Inter Bank Offered Rate or KIBOR.
The amount of fraud will be recovered from accused persons at KIBOR rate and deposited with National Bank of Pakistan/State Exchequer.
KD interbank rates eased for a second consecutive month, with the 1 month KIBOR offer rate shaving off 2 bps to 1.
KD interbank rates edged higher, with the 1-month KIBOR offer rate up by 2 points to reach 0.
The movement in KIBOR reflects the monetary policy stance.
Moreover, return on debt instruments carried in the fund is pegged to KIBOR.