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KIDKeep It Down
KIDKids in Danger (Chicago, IL)
KIDKids' Inpatient Database
KIDKey Index
KIDKeratitis-Ichthyosis-Deafness syndrome
KIDKing's Indian Defense (chess)
KIDKriseninterventionsdienst (German: crisis intervention services)
KIDKeyboard Input Device
KIDKillers in Disguise
KIDKinetic Inductance Detector (imaging)
KIDKnowing-In-Design (design environment)
KIDKunst Indeks Danmark (Danish: Art Index Denmark)
References in classic literature ?
That discreet damsel was attired as usual, except that she was now engaged in substituting for her green kid gloves, a pair of white.
As she said this she looked down at her hands, and was surprised to see that she had put on one of the Rabbit's little white kid gloves while she was talking.
The kid was still bleating as Meriem started rapidly in its direction, which she knew was straight toward a certain water hole which had once been famous as a rendezvous for lions.
He `ad white kid gloves on `is `ands, and he pointed out the animiles to me and says, `Keeper, these wolves seem upset at something.
Scarcely, however, had they gone a quarter of a league when, having killed a kid, he begged Jacopo to take it to his comrades, and request them to cook it, and when ready to let him know by firing a gun.
After a short time the cardinal arranged his shoulder belt, then looked with great complacency at his hands, which were most elegant and of which he took the greatest care; and throwing on one side the large kid gloves tried on at first, as belonging to the uniform, he put on others of silk only.
A closer scrutiny, however, satisfied me that it was intended for a kid.
But the Butcher turned nervous, and dressed himself fine, With yellow kid gloves and a ruff-- Said he felt it exactly like going to dine, Which the Bellman declared was all "stuff.
Newman for a few moments watched him sliding his white hands into the white kid, and as he did so his feelings took a singular turn.
They've dragged him around from hotel to hotel ever since he was a kid.
The Doctor immediately repaired to his wardrobe, and soon returned with a black dress coat, made in Jennings' best manner, a pair of sky-blue plaid pantaloons with straps, a pink gingham chemise, a flapped vest of brocade, a white sack overcoat, a walking cane with a hook, a hat with no brim, patent-leather boots, straw-colored kid gloves, an eye-glass, a pair of whiskers, and a waterfall cravat.
And a kid of sixteen didn't have the judgment --couldn't have.