KIDCKorea Internet Data Center
KIDCKlingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps (Star Trek fan website)
KIDCKingston Ice Dance Club (UK)
KIDCKentucky Industrial Development Council, Inc. (est. 1967)
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He also directed concerned officials to ensure full and proper cooperation to the KIDC so that this project could be finished soon.
Sparrows Point will be the first manufacturing facility to use KIDC for full-scale production, according to Hay.
Through its extensive peering relationships, KIDC has built a network with the largest aggregate bandwidth in Korea.
The high Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet densities of the Force10 TeraScale E-Series, combined with unmatched resiliency, enable KIDC to reduce network complexity as well as capital and operating expenses.
As the foundation of KIDC's network, the Force10 TeraScale delivers the combination of density, resiliency and scalability KIDC needs to provide high quality, secure services to its customers.
KIDC is Korea's leading data center operator with more than 40 percent market share.
Operating in one of the world's most developed Internet markets, KIDC faces the dual pressures of rapid customer growth and accommodating traffic volumes that are doubling annually.
KIDC offers a range of advanced IP services including managed co-location, managed server hosting, outsourcing, managed security and back up.
KIDC can meet present day needs using just 30 percent of the total capacity of each device, whereas comparable offerings from other vendors were close to their limits even at current capacity levels.
With more than 10,000 servers housed at KIDC, this agreement further extends Cidera's network in Asia.
KIDC strives to be the Asia's Internet Industry hub, and I'm confident that Cidera's presence in our exchange centers will help us meet that goal.
KIDC provides an integrated set of services that deliver a powerful combination of scalability, reliability and cost savings for mission-critical data applications.