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KIDDKinetic Impact Debris Distribution
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But though Kidd knew a great deal about Sir Claude--a great deal more, in fact, than there was to know-- it would never have crossed his wildest dreams to connect so showy an aristocrat with the newly-unearthed founder of Catastrophism, or to guess that Sir Claude Champion and John Boulnois could be intimate friends.
That very evening, marked by Mr Kidd for the exposition of Catastrophism, had been marked by Sir Claude Champion for an open-air rendering of Romeo and Juliet, in which he was to play Romeo to a Juliet it was needless to name.
He is a man of grand intellectual powers," said Calhoun Kidd in a deep voice.
But Calhoun Kidd, having finished a milk and soda, betook himself smartly up the road towards the Grey Cottage, leaving his cynical informant to his whisky and tobacco.
The Grey Cottage, which stood entrenched, as it were, in a square of stiff, high thorn-hedges, was so close under the pines and palisades of the Park that Kidd at first mistook it for the Park Lodge.
If that's the way he goes on he deserves to lose his wife's purest devotion," said Mr Calhoun Kidd.
Kidd could see the finger of the dial stand up dark against the sky like the dorsal fin of a shark and the vain moonlight clinging to that idle clock.
A gaudy, unnatural gold ornament on the arm suddenly reminded Kidd of Romeo and Juliet; of course the tight crimson suit was part of the play.
In Kidd rose from its depth all that acrid humour that is the strange salt of the seriousness of his race.
asked the doctor, a solid prosperous-looking man, with conventional moustache and whiskers, but a lively eye, which darted over Kidd dubiously.
asked James Dalroy, and again Kidd was conscious of an irrational desire to hit him on his curling mouth.
The USS Kidd is a memorial to the USS Navy spirit, a reminder of the response following Pearl Harbor.