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KIIDKey Investor Information Document
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Colm has managed large scale international KIID implementation and financial reporting projects and has assisted in designing KIID software platforms.
As a KIID producer, FundAssist is experiencing high levels of KIID demands as asset managers prepare for the 1[sup.
Equipos Coric KIID can generate every KIID in the native language of any country in which an investment product is available.
Not only have we launched Equipos Coric KIID well ahead of the July 2011 deadline, but we already have KIID solutions in place with key global clients to help them achieve legal compliance in a timely manner," said Alan Hamilton, CEO at Equipos.
FundAssist announced today that it has been chosen to partner with Russell Investments, a global leader in investment management, to provide KIID (Key Investor Information Document) preparation, production, translation, dissemination and monitoring services.
Jim O'Reilly, Managing Director of FundAssist commented: "The provision of a complete KIID solution to Russell Investments derives directly from the high level of service we have provided to them over the years.
As a KIID provider, we have realised the benefits of providing a full service solution to asset managers.
He added, "FundAssist's platform of modular services allows us to offer tailored solutions to clients, allowing them to select elements of the service to suit their requirements, whilst also allowing them to integrate additional services such as KIID preparation, management and distribution, Fund Reporting or FactSheet production in an efficient and cost effective manner.
The core of the KIIDS system is the imaginative memory that creates the next narrative episode of a story reusing old episodes found in the case base, taking into account the current state of the narration and using explicit knowledge about narrative and world simulation.
While CBR concepts and properties are used following the typical life cycle of a CBR system, narrative concepts and properties are used by KIIDS as a semantic network of constraints to generate stories according to the narratological theory provided.
The list in a typical company might include shareholder reports, summary and full prospectuses, statements of additional information, Fact Sheets, Board Books, Power Point presentations, KIIDs, and dedicated marketing materials.