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KIMAKamit Institute for Magnificent Achievers (Washington, DC)
KIMAKwinana Industries Mutual Aid
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After having stepped away from the music scene for a while, Kima is boldly stepping out in obedience to her calling of spreading the gospel through song.
According to A'chik custom, a kima is cut on the day a person dies.
We are honoured that Kima has selected KBR Technology and look forward to working closely with our EPC partner Tecnimont to deliver a world-class ammonia plant to Kima.
Summary: CAIRO - More 130 Egyptian football fans and police were injured following an Egyptian Cup match between Ahly and Kima Aswan, Egypt's Ministry of Health reported on Wednesday.
OUR family's new arrival - a rescue cat called Kima - demanded far more attention than we'd ever imagined, not that we were loath to give it.
As defendants note, plaintiffs are suggesting an award that is 'more money than the entire music recording industry has made since Edison's invention of the phonograph in 1877'," Manhattan federal district court judge Kima Wood said.
Anna Kima Hoth, Deputy Chairperson (left) and William Deng Deng, Chairperson of SSDDRC, November 16, 2010 (Photo: Johanna Laurila)
From there, we traveled another 45 minutes by van to the village of Kima, which is near the home of President Barack Obama's paternal grandmother and where the Baltes now live and work at the Kima School of Theology, or KIST.
THE actress who plays Kima in gritty US drama series The Wire read Shakespeare to wannabe actors.
And Jo, who carried out the internet affair behind the back of his lover Kima, said: "Zoe and me did question whether we could be 'in love' if we'd never actually met in real life.
NEVER FORGETS Andre Hanscombe talks to Mark Austin NO EVIDENCE Colin Stagg HIT Barker and Henman BAFFLED Kima, Lester and Jimmy SEA DOG Ross Kemp is shipshape
The dispute affected Fisher-owned affiliates in six other markets as well: KOMO and KUNS in Seattle; KATU and KUNP in Portland; KIMA in Yakima, Wash.