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KINOKey Intended Numeracy Outcomes (education; Australia)
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The Kino Lorber EDU/Video Round Table Annual Scholarship has two parts a $1,000 cash award and a trip to New York City for the recipient to attend a film festival and spend a day learning about the distribution business from the professionals at Kino Lorber.
Nacionalinis kinas, kaip kulturino ir ekonominio tyrimo objektas, yra apleistas, nors kino industrija laikoma viena is prioritetiniu sriciu daugybeje issivysciusiu pasaulio saliu.
Black films are required to succeed in order to stay in the theaters," says publicist Kay Shaw, who was hired by Kino to help market and promote Brewster's film.
In fact, no single person has had more influence on this area--now Sonora, Mexico, and southern Arizona--than Kino, whose presence and contributions are being commemorated this year with murals, paintings, and tours (page 58).
CoolSNAP(TM) MYO and the CoolSNAP(TM) KINO CCD cameras enable scientists to achieve higher quality, higher resolution images than previous CCD technology.
Pakistan produced Kino 80% more than other Citrus fruit and application of modern techniques at all stages of growth and during the post-harvest phase could not only add value to the fruit to attract premium price but also increase export volume to fetch much needed foreign exchange to the country.
com)-- World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation has entered into a license agreement with Kino Lorber, Inc.
A Kino Swiat release of a Kalejdoskop Film Studio production in co-production with Alvernia Studios, Kino Swiat.
Now he's finished Kino - a surreal thriller which debuts at the Peacock Lounge, Viaduct Street, on September 30 (7.
The neighbors bang on the walls - summoning the throbbing and fury of a taiko drum solo - as if to tell Kino, 24, and Rumi, 6, ``Get a room.
Hosted by KW Institute for Contemporary Art, the Martin-Gropius-Bau, and Kino Arsenal, the biennial was structured around five "hubs" (Migration, Urban Conditions, Sonic Scapes, Fashion and Scenes, Other Cinemas), which were organized by "cultural producers," from filmmaker Hito Steyerl (Migration) to film theorist Mark Nash (Cinemas).
Teesside's arthouse cinema club Kino planned to screen the film as part of its build-up to Middlesbrough Music Live on Bank Holiday Monday, May 26.