KIPTKiwi Income Property Trust (New Zealand)
KIPTKeihin Indiana Precision Technology (manufacturer; Keihin Corporation)
KIPTKharkov Institute of Physics and Technology
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Under his direction a series of stellarator type fusion devices, well known to the international fusion community, were developed and assembled in KIPT.
Tolok, a significant program on development of quasi-stationary plasma accelerators (QSPA) was started in KIPT, and the most powerful in the world plasma accelerator was put into operation in 1990, which is actively used in radiation technologies.
Tolok was all Adviser to the Director General of NSC KIPT and an honorary Professor of NSC KIPT.
Radiating Hope identifies needs for radiation equipment through partnerships with organizations, such as KIPT, to facilitate donations that update and advance cancer care globally.
The delivery of the LINAC to KIPT in Ukraine will allow the healthcare professionals of the Kharkiv Regional Oncology Clinic (KROC) to provide state-of-the-art cancer treatment to patients in need.
From 1966-1987 he oversaw all fusion research at KIPT.
After leaving KIPT in 1988, he organized and headed the laboratory on vacuuum-plasma technology in the physico-technical faculty of the Kharkov National University.