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KIRKiribati (ISO Country code)
KIRKeep It Real
KIRKultur Im Ruhrgebiet (German: Culture in the Ruhr Valley; Germany)
KIRKiller-Cell Immunoglobulin-Like Receptor
KIRKiller Cell Inhibitory Receptor
KIRKyocera Image Refinement
KIRKeep It Running
KIRKerry County, Ireland - Kerry County (Airport Code)
KIRKrajowa Izba Rozliczeniowa SA (Polish: National Clearing House)
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Gen Kir said 545 rebels were believed to have defected from PKK last year as a result of TAF operations and difficult living conditions on the mountains.
In the beginning she does not care about her appearance or about the potential of sexual/romantic relationships; Kir labels her "innocent" when she does not understand what he has deduced, that his "father took a lover" (35).
Nevertheless, it should be stated that Stou Kir Gianni has not only married the modern and the traditional in the decor but in the meze as well.
Although Poland is not currently a member of the Euro zone, KIR has seen the number of transactions in the EuroELIXIR system, which provides services to banks active in Poland for SEPA Credit Transfers, increase significantly in recent months.
A ready-made Kir Royal has great potential in the UK market," said David John, sales director at the company.
In this study, we found approximately two-thirds of the HCT donors had at least one KIR B haplotype, suggesting that preferential selection of KIR B donors is feasible and provides a significant clinical benefit," said Elizabeth Trachtenberg, Ph.
99 [pounds sterling],was designed to complement Lejay-Lagoute's existing classic Cassis brand Sisca, which targets an older generation as an ingredient for Kir or Kir Royal cocktails.
LOOKS like Geri Halliwell's had one too many kir royales, judging by the expression on her face.
KIR is Kimco's strategic joint venture with institutional partners geared toward investing in retail properties financed primarily through individual, property specific, non-recourse mortgages.
Make an easy drinking aperitif called a kir by adding the creme de cassis.
Now, users of servers powered by Sun's UltraSPARC T1 processor can benefit from our open source virtualization software," said Kir Kolyshkin, manager of the OpenVZ project.