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Founded in Chicago in 2012 by Kison Patel, FIEXE is a platform for investment professionals to market private investment deals that include private company stocks, M&A, funds and private debt.
Infielder Steve Rodriguez, one of three players with that surname on the 1995 AL East champs, is head baseball coach at his alma mater, Pepperdine; reliever Bruce Kison of the '85 Sox is a scout for the Orioles; hustling outfielder Darren Bragg is a coach in the Reds' farm system; utility infielder Donnie Sadler of the Jimy Williams era is a roving coach in the Phillies' minor league system along with catcher Ernie Whitt of the '76 Sox, whose grand slam while with the Jays in 1989 helped them win a game in Boston they once trailed, 10-0; lefty Lenny DiNardo, who was in spring training with Boston, is with Oakland's Triple-A team in Sacramento after beginning the season in the Atlantic League.
Tristan Kison, spokesman for the military, said last Friday that antigovernment forces are recruiting soldiers to execute Oplan: Hackle.
Look at the mound this evening, and if you see Bruce Kison trotting out there instead of Colon, you're having an Angels flashback.