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KITKeep It Together
KITKeep In Touch
KITKick It
KITKarlsruhe Institute of Technology (Karlsruhe, Germany)
KITKyoto Institute of Technology (Kyoto, Japan)
KITKoninklijk Instituut Voor de Tropen (Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands)
KITKeep It True
KITKilled In Training
KITKAPSE (Kernel Ada Programming Support Environment) Interface Team
KITKingston Interactive Television (Hull, UK)
KITKolhapur Institute of Technology (Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India)
KITKnowledge-based Information Tutorial
KITKnight Industries Technology
KITKill in Transit (gaming)
KITKernel for Intelligent Terminals
KITKaren Importance Test (Wikipedia article test)
KITKaman Industrial Technologies (Connecticut)
KITKey Information Technology (various locations)
References in classic literature ?
A dirty soldier, and 'e's under full stoppages for new kit.
The polite captain had looked so stern while packing up his kit that Therese dared not speak to him at all.
He had a little fiddle, which we used to call at school a kit, under his left arm, and its little bow in the same hand.
It's one of the reasons why I went in for this seedy kit.
Of course it was impossible to drag our heavy elephant rifles and other kit with us across the desert, so, dismissing our bearers, we made an arrangement with an old native who had a kraal close by to take care of them till we returned.
He grew remarkably drunk, and then he began to recite poetry, his own and Milton's, his own and Shelley's, his own and Kit Marlowe's.
But it was the day Kit Markham was here, and she upsets one so--with her wonderful vitality, always thinking of something new that we ought to be doing and aren't--and I was conscious at the time that my dates were mixed.
Think of Kit Downes, uncle, who lives with his wife and seven children in a house with one sitting room and one bedroom hardly larger than this table
And no more schnapps, mind, until we're clear of the whole kit and caboodle.
He opened the kit bag and oiled his wheel, putting graphite on the chain and adjusting the bearings.
A SENATOR fell to musing as follows: "With the money which I shall get for my vote in favour of the bill to subsidise cat-ranches, I can buy a kit of burglar's tools and open a bank.
Davenport, and Mother said Kit might have it if she could make it do.