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KIWAKoreatown Immigrant Workers Alliance (Los Angeles, CA)
KIWAKorean Immigrant Workers Advocates
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Under the guidance and support by the Zhongpin Centre, Kiwa will participate in China's National Soil Remediation Programme and construction of the National Ecological Security Agriculture Industrial Chain Standardization System's operation and process.
Caption: The female of the eyeless, compact yeti crab Kiwa tyleri is above; the male is below.
Three former employees have successfully obtained remedies against the restaurant for unjustified dismissal, as outlined in the Employment Relations Authority case Kiwa v Phil's Place Ltd.
Alice Kiwa, Janelle Kiwa, and Hayden Clark filed a case with the Employment Relations Authority after they were fired from Phil's Place.
Kiwa Digital won the Best Free ICT/App Product, while 2Simple won the Best Paid for ICT / App Product.
The summons came after the chairperson of the health committee in the assembly, Margaret Kasara Kiwa, raised a number of urgent health and sanitation matters.
The international quality authority Kiwa Technology, based in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands, has adopted the method.
Afterall, the Pacific Ocean, or Te Moananui a Kiwa, already connects us.
25) Waitangi Tribunal, Turanga Tangata Turanga Whenua: The Report on the Turanganui a Kiwa Claims (Wellington: Legislation Direct, 2004).
Male Wistar rats weighing about 130-150 g, and male ddY mice weighing about 30-32 g were purchased from Kiwa Laboratory Animal Co.
Taking on a larger foe, KIWA quickly tan up against the limitations of federal labour law, sophisticated corporate antiunion tactics, and broad-based opposition from employers in Koreatown.
Burns" toad [no scientific name yet]; Tube-nosed of "Yoda" bat [no scientific name yet]; Psychedelic frog, of Histiophryne psychedefica; Yeti crab, or Kiwa hirsuta