KIWEKids Internet World Explorer
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In exchange for the lucrative distribution rights to KIWE, Heartsoft agreed to lend its substantial software development capabilities to the project by preparing KIWE for sale by redesigning the product's graphics user interface as well as adding numerous enhancements which would substantially increase a parent or educator's ability to control which parts of the Internet children could access using KIWE.
The agreement also allows the company to market KIWE internationally.
KIWE is the only Internet browser developed for the specific needs of Children.
Built upon the proprietary CytLoc(R) technologies developed by CytWare, KIWE offers parents and educators alike a secure environment where children can learn to use the Internet to explore the vast reaches of the universe.
It's a rare event in a young company's growth to have the opportunity to bring a product to market with such a mass appeal as KIWE.
That is an absolutely mind boggling market for KIWE," said Shell.
Upon its release, KIWE (Kids Internet World Explorer(R)) shall be immediately available for both Microsoft Windows(R) (NASDAQ: MSFT) and the Apple Macintosh(R) and iMac(R) (NASDAQ: AAPL).