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KJSKraft Jacobs Suchard (Swiss food company)
KJSKonkursowa Jazda Samochodowa (Polish: Automotive Drive Competition)
KJSKonkursowej Jazdy Samochodem (Polish: Competition Car Driving)
KJSKnowledge and Judgment Scoring (educational testing; software)
KJSKowloon Junior School (Kowloon, Hong Kong)
KJSKafar Jednoprowadnicowy Specjalny (Polish; machinery)
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In addition, modern studies in the Serengeti-an environment similar to KJS two million years ago-have also shown that predators completely devour antelopes of this size within minutes of their deaths.
Tool-wielding hominins at KJS, on the other hand, could access this tissue and likely did so by scavenging these heads after the initial non-human hunters had consumed the rest of the carcass," Ferraro said.
Zirak Kamal, chairman of the Committee of Defending Journalists, called on Kurdistan journalists to inform KJS of any violations they may have incurred in order to record them for future reports.
The strategically important product segments of the KJS group were nevertheless able to assert their leading market position, according to KJS management.
KJS Iberia premium entries are grouped under the Saimaza "Gran Seleccion" banner.
Kutler said, "After a thorough review, we are pleased to select KJS for its expertise and presence in the Hispanic community.